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Oracle announces software to speed up its databases

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Oracle finally unveiled its Oracle Database In Memory Option to the public Tuesday morning during an Oracle press event at the company’s campus, with CEO Larry Ellison announcing that the product will be available in July. Working as an add-on to the Oracle 12c database, the new option will supposedly boost performance of real-time analytics and transactional workloads.

In today’s world of connected devices and artificial intelligence, it’s more important for organizations to process all their accumulated data in real time as fast as possible.

That’s where Oracle’s In Memory Option software comes into play. Ellison said users can expect real-time analytics queries 100 times faster and online transaction processing that is two times faster as long as they are using hardware that supports the Oracle 12c database.

Ellison stressed how easy it is to use the In Memory Option: “Install the new software, throw a switch, and everything runs faster.”

The In Memory Option allows users to mix and manage their data across dynamic random-access memory (DRAM), PCI Flash and disk storage, with the most important information hosted in DRAM for instant access.

“Tell us specifically what tables or portions you want cached in memory,” Ellison said. “You’re done. That’s it. Nothing else. I really mean minutes.”

Additionally, the software will allow people to store data in both columns (used for analytics) and rows (used for transactions) as opposed to only one method; Ellison described this function as being “the magic of Oracle.”

Of course, Oracle is not alone in real-time analytics. SAP’s HANA offers a similar function, as does database startup MemSQL, which launched a columnar store that operates on flash storage in February.

4 Responses to “Oracle announces software to speed up its databases”

  1. Rafael Mastromauro

    Oracle anounced this a year before. BluAceleration was heard 6 months after along with Microsoft Hecatom, which is pretty much the same thing, each vendor has his advantages – blue has encryption, Oracle is fasterm Microsoft is cheaper..

    Hana on SAP has something similar, all these are the last ressource against the noSQL market growing, when they start to support read consistent queries, the in memory will be the last battleground.

  2. IBM DB2BLU has been doing this for a while now. They also have a much better encryption and can run sql queries on encrypted data without having to decrypt. Much faster performance than Hana and Oracle in this space

  3. That´s “magic” only for Larry and his developers: IBM is offering similar technologies since 2013 (DB2 10.5 with BLU Acceleration…) and: you may use it for SAP-Applications as an alternative to SAP-HANA too. (@ Jonathan : Why didn´t you mention this ?)
    Lets see, what Oracle will deliver in reality and how long it takes to certify it for SAP Applications.

  4. rjonesx

    It is amazing how far behind Oracle and others are falling. Startups like memSQL and volt are the new pioneers and they are dragging the big guys kicking and screaming behind them. I’ve been running a memSQL install in memory with no crashes and no data loss for a year and a half on commodity hardware. Oracle is now adding in memory as an after thought – it’s like adding headlights to a horse to keep up with those new fangled horse less carriages.