Mind the gap: Google Now tells public transit riders when to disembark

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Credit: Mulad

Sleeping past your stop on the subway? That could be a thing of the past thanks to Google Now(s goog). The contextual software has long provided public transit schedules for your commute, and for some users it’s now adding a way to make sure you don’t pass by your destination.

Android Police spotted an integrated alarm in the Google Now public transportation card so that you can have the software remind you when to hop off the bus or train — just make sure you’re at an actual stop before doing so, of course. It’s a handy feature for those who like to snooze along the way, or for people who simply aren’t paying attention to the ride.

Google Now public transit alarm

It’s also another example of how Google continues to develop the contextual Google Now service. While competing mobile platforms from Apple(s aapl) and Microsoft(s msft) have similar products — think Siri and Cortana — I’d argue that Google’s the most advanced of the bunch. And it’s going to be the crown jewel of Android Wear smartwatches — the first one or two of which we should see later this month at the Google I/O developer event.

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