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Reports: Yes, the long-rumored Apple wearable device is coming this October

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At this point, Apple introducing a wearable gadget seems like a forgone conclusion. But on Friday morning, we received the first credible reports of a launch window: an article in Nikkei claims that Apple’s new watch-like wearable device is expected to hit the market in October, and “people familiar with Apple’s plans” are telling Recode that Apple will schedule a special event that month to debut the device.

According to the Nikkei report, the new device will run on iOS 8 and will be focused on managing and collecting biometric data, likely through Apple’s new Healthkit platform, which it announced earlier this week at WWDC. As expected, Nike will be a launch partner for the device and will integrate its services. Nikkei is also claiming that Apple will produce between 3 million to 5 million devices per month. Roughly 2 million smart watches were sold in the entirety of 2013, according to estimates.

By creating its own device, Apple is playing to its strengths: refining an existing product category and bringing it to the masses. In the run-up to the expected launch, Apple has trademarked the term iWatch, hired fashion and health executives, and developed a proprietary motion co-processor, the M7.

But now that a rough time frame is available, the anticipation can start in earnest.

iWatch rendering by Todd Hamilton 

2 Responses to “Reports: Yes, the long-rumored Apple wearable device is coming this October”

  1. Hooray, You didn’t call it an iWatch. Wrist mounted NOTIFIER. The big deal about iPod was that it moved the UI to Mac (and PC). While Apple is not the first, Pebble and Meta figured this out a while ago, Apple will likely disrupt with ruggedness, based on big investment in materials and manufacturing.

    Will it support Android also? Quite a challenge given the fragmentation.