Pure’s new Caskeid feature marries Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for multiroom audio

The British Sonos competitor Pure added an interesting new feature to its Jongo line of multiroom audio speakers Thursday: The new Caskeid feature makes it possible to send audio from a mobile device or a laptop via Bluetooth to one Jongo speaker, and then relay it via Wi-Fi to all the other speakers in your house in a synchronized fashion.

Check out a quick demo of the feature below:

The best thing about Caskeid is that it allows users to play music on all of their Jongo speakers with any app, and not just with apps that officially support Pure’s SDK. In a way, this also makes Caskeid a response to the increasingly fragmented multiroom audio space, in which companies like Sonos, Qualcomm and DTS all have their own technology to make multiroom audio possible, forcing app makers to either work with everyone, wait and see for a winner to emerge, or push for a standard themselves.

Bluetooth obviously has its own downsides, but it’s a good bridge technology that consumers are already familiar with. Giving them a way to keep using Bluetooth while opening up the world of multiroom audio is actually pretty clever.