Music startup Mixify launches Clubcast, a kind of telepresence for DJs and clubs

The last thing that may come to your mind when you hear teleconferencing is having a good time, but the New York-based live music streaming startup Mixify is proving that people can actually have a blast with technology that’s typically used for boring work meetings. That’s because Mixify has reinvented teleconferencing for night clubs.

The company’s Clubcast technology allows DJs to play gigs for clubs remotely, beaming not only their music but also their video to a party possibly thousands of miles away. And Clubcast is not a one-way street: The DJ also gets a live video feed of the club, which offers him a chance to respond to and interact with the crows. “It’s a really immersive experience,” said Mixify founder David Morica during an interview last week.

Mixify officially launched Clubcast Thursday, but the company tested the concept with around 35 gigs during the last few months, and Morica said that it realized that there is a lot of demand for this in regions of the world that are too far away for U.S. or even European DJs to travel. Think Asia, or Australia, for example. And having remote gigs abroad offers DJs another advantage: They tend to happen during time when no one would book them locally, like in the morning or early afternoon. “Time zones tend to be our friends,” said Morica.

Of course, beaming a did of a DJ from one continent to another isn’t really the same as having that DJ right there in a club. But Morica said that party goers quickly get used to it. “During the first two minutes, people are looking in awe at the screen,” he said. After that, they’re quickly getting used to it. DJs on the other hand tend to be more sensitive to the change, which is why Mixify has started to organize small local mini parties for gigs so a DJ doesn’t have to play all by himself in front of a screen and a camera.

Mixify is currently talking to brands and charities that are interested in using Clubcast, and it also caught the eye of investors. The 12-person startup raised a $1.8 million Series A from Australia-based investors including CMB Capital.

The company wants to use the money to expand its business in that area, and also possibly expand into other genres. Mixify is currently focused on electronic music. Morica said that he also sees some potential for hip hop, and maybe even solo acts that play live music, but admitted that the system may not be exactly the right fit for a rock band. Because in the end, even the best teleconference systems aren’t for everyone.