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California makes big play for Tesla’s huge battery factory

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Following Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s suggestion last month that California could be back in the running as a contender for Tesla’s massive battery factory, the state has now started to vie pretty hard for the deal. On Thursday, the Oakland Tribune reported that new legislation (bill SB 1309) was introduced that would enable the state government to use a variety of incentives and regulatory changes as a carrot for the battery factory. The bill is co-authored by state Senator Ted Gaines, R-Roseville, and state Senate President Tem Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento, and is backed by Governor Jerry Brown.

13 Responses to “California makes big play for Tesla’s huge battery factory”

  1. william willoya

    nome alaska where rare metals and mix of everything on site could cut costs byhalf or more over industrial sites with nothing but infrastructure- nome alaska has everything there now or comeing fiber optics all the minerals needed to make tesla batterys and good reliable political infrastructures.

  2. S Rao

    “variety of incentives and regulatory changes as a carrot for the battery factory ?” Why could not the same be offered to Toyota which (I’ve heard) is moving its base to Texas ?

  3. akismet-c581bd646f55bcbc90f13ac8c7453ee0

    It should go to Northern Nevada. Everything about the area fits. The land, the proximity, the highways and rail, labor, environment, etc.

  4. Neil Maguire

    This is not a good use of CA funds. The Govt should not be in the business of picking winners in California (see Solyndra). Need to focus incentives on the customer side for installing energy storage systems such as the Self Generation Incentive Program thereby encouraging a wide range of innovative companies and only rewarding successful sales and implementation not paying for building someone’s factory. Focus should be on making the overall business climate in California favorable for a large number of companies. As a business owner in CA, throwing more money at Tesla is far less effective than in addressing the overall high tax and regulatory obstacles that make CA a tough place to set up shop.

    • I agree. California has the highest income taxes in the union. Not to mention the EPA Standards. Businesses are leaving. Look at Toyota. Jerry brown stated “they weren’t smart in getting around taxes”. In other words cheat.

    • Aaron Lephart

      “batteries might might possibly hurt the environment”

      Really Jennifer?

      Well gasoline emissions DEFINITELY hurt the environment! No “possibly” about that.

      Battery production has become MUCH cleaner the past 10 years. And the lithium can be recycled for continued use as storage battery’s or into new battery cells.

      All the best,
      Aaron Lephart

  5. Crony capitalism wins again! No doubt this was the plan all along, string along a few states that are much easier to business in in order to get California to give them all kinds of incentives and tax breaks. Too bad other businesses in California don’t get this kind of treatment.

  6. Mcbeese


    I hope California wins it and sends a big thank you card to Texas for its short-sighted support of the corrupt Dealer Franchises.

    • @Mcbeese, ha, totally agree!

      @Leslie, Tesla is so good at manipulating the states and getting the best deal. Someone needs to do a case study of this approach. Selfishly, I hope it lands in California, so I can more easily visit it ;)