Upcoming Gigaom Event: How do you rethink security?


What do you think when you hear Heartbleed and Target? These names strike fear in the hearts of CIOs, and the uncertainties are more intense for those moving core enterprise systems to cloud-based platforms. In a world where you can’t control your infrastructure, you may not control the network and your end points number in the billions. But how do you rethink security?

Hear what the experts have to say at Structure, June 18 and 19 in San Francisco.

For the most part, the cloud has done pretty well around the concept of security. However, it’s still early. As we get more-sensitive systems into public cloud providers, we could see a day where cloud hacks are a weekly occurrence on the nightly news.

Of course, enterprises are also on the defense. New approaches to security, including identity management — which is able to operate at the cloud services level — is becoming a common technology. What’s more, new ways to manage data encryption at rest and in flight are insuring data security for those moving to or operating within the cloud.

So how do you go about planning for security from within your cloud implementation? What are the steps to success and the pitfalls to consider? You must look at what’s working for others, understand your own requirements, and then select and test the right security approaches and technology.

At Structure, you’ll hear from cloud security experts Dan Kaufman, the director of the Information Innovation Office at DARPA, and Matthew Prince, the co-founder and CEO at CloudFlare. Learn firsthand that your fear is justified but that solutions exist that will make the cloud as secure, or more secure, than those systems currently on premise.

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–David Linthicum

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