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Much ado about HomeKit, the new Apple smart home framework

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Well, Apple made a tentative first step into the smart home on Monday, and companies in the sector are optimistic that it will both help educate consumers about the benefits of connected doodads in the home as well as home automation, while being a bit cautious about how it might change the industry. Apple unveiled a framework called HomeKit built around its Made for iPhone program, exactly as I said they would in an earlier story.

I did however miss that developers would be able to use such devices to build third-party apps that might become a powerful arbiter’s of the automated home experience. I brought on three guests from the connected home industry to share their thoughts as well. Adam Justice, the creator of the ConnectSense sensors thinks Apple’s efforts might kill the home hub. Greg Roberts, the VP of marketing at iControl was more focused on consumer education, whereas Dave Friedman, the CEO of cloud platform Ayla Networks discussed how Apple is using the cloud and what the program means for big brand names building connected devices.

Meanwhile, Kevin and I covered what we know, and shared some of the questions we hope we’ll see answered in the coming days and weeks.

Host: Stacey Higginbotham

  • Here’s what Apple’s HomeKit is, and what we know it isn’t.
  • How will HomeKit change what’s on shelves at Apple stores?
  • Just a bit about Lutron, SmartThings and other IoT news this week
  • How will HomeKit change the smart home market?

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2 Responses to “Much ado about HomeKit, the new Apple smart home framework”

  1. Hooray for Stacey and her cohorts on the call. Yes, this WWDC Keynote’s 2 minute segment is a big deal. But allow a contrarian view. iPhone as a hub will HELP the hub makers, not hurt them. It’s an ‘easy on-ramp’ to Smart Home. And, soon enough, folks will want the hub to be always on, always there. Can we add Hugo Fiennes of Electric Imp to discussion? He wants to give devices an API in the cloud via the humble, but nearly ubiquitous WiFi GW.