Crunchyroll, MLS and Google+ Photos get Chromecast support. Next up Aereo?

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Google’s Chromecast streaming stick didn’t just get love from ESPN this week: Chromecast users can now also cast from the iOS and Android apps as well as the website of the Anime video service Crunchyroll, Major League Soccer’s mobile apps, and Google+ iOS and Android apps. The latter can be used to cast photos and videos to the TV, which is especially useful if you auto-upload all your personal media to Google+. And we might even see Chromecast coming to Aereo as early as Wednesday.

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I bought the google chrome stick a few months back, and needless to say I really like the way it integrates my iPhone to my “dumb” TV. I can stream hulu, netflix, personal pictures and videos for my family to enjoy at a fraction of a price of what those SmarTV’s run or other stream devices. Again, it could be integratable with more apps but that’s just me.

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