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It looks like Tableau for Mac is coming soon

Tableau Software (s data) has been on fire over the past couple years, but a big knock against the company has been that its popular analytics software isn’t available for the Mac operating system. The company has been promising a native Mac edition for a while, and it appears it will finally deliver in a few weeks, if a June 19 event called “Tableau 8.2 Roadshow + Mac Launch Party” is any indication. I suspect a lot of Windows virtual machines will be firing up a lot less frequently and a goodly amount of new users signing up.

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    It’s a long time coming and even though I’m a believer in doing work in code, having ready-made, high-quality visualizations are great for prototyping designs and working out the best ways to display information. I’ll be one of the first to sign-up as soon as it’s available.