Apple’s WWDC will be very, very enterprisey

Apple is being unusually tight-lipped about what we can expect this week, but one thing is clear: they are working hard on becoming more of an enterprise-oriented company. The teasers in the published calendar for the Worldwide Developer Conference this week — like ‘Shhhh, Can’t Tell You Yet’ — cover their plans pretty significantly, but some of what shows is very enterprisey, like Tuesday’s ‘Apps For Enterprise Get Together’. Screenshot 2014-06-01 13.47.57 Screenshot 2014-06-01 13.49.49

What is clear in this obscurity is a large number of new announcements, and some likely breakthroughs. Here’s what I consider in the range of the possible, and desirable, but which may be too scifi for June 2014:

  • A real distributed virtual file system built into iOS and Mac OS X — iCloud is kludge, and so are Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive. They are patches to the missing web-smart file system. Sooner or later these services will be built into the operating systems on our devices, and Apple may be the first to unveil that.
  • iWatch — Considering that the iPod Nano makes a pretty good watch, Apple is in a great position to roll out a wearable that interacts with iOS and Mac OS X devices.
  • iTV — This is coming, and it may be now.
  • Retail — I bet Apple’s push into retail will become a major focus of this WWDC, with a great deal of iBeacon, payments, and maps integration.

We’ll hear a lot tomorrow, but no matter what, I am certain that something huge is coming, and it won’t be just another iPhone.