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reQall’s personal assistant app now on Google Glass with non-Google email support

ReQall debuted in 2007 as an app that intelligently organized your spoken voice notes. Since then, the reQall Rover app has become a more advanced digital secretary of sorts for smartphones. With wearable devices now taking front and center stage, it only makes sense for reQall to join the party. Say hello to reQallable for Google Glass(s goog).

While Glass already does a decent job at surfacing important information through Google Now, reQallable takes things a step further. Here’s how the company describes it, along with a video demonstration to show how reQallable effectively helps you manage communications smartly:

“reqallable automatically determines and prioritizes messages from all of your most important contacts based on your calendar, communications, activity and location. When you’ve scheduled a meeting, reqallable will alert you to messages from participants, temporarily elevating those contacts to VIP status while holding back other, less-critical messages until the meeting has finished. When a message arrives, reqallable parses emails and texts to present only the most crucial details, and even offers the ability to answer via voice or to tap a quick reply for a prompt response.”

This is the kind of app that just begs to be on wearable devices such as Glass, although reQallable is also available on smartwatches such as the Pebble, Sony(s sne) SmartWatch 2, and Samsung’s Gear Fit and Gear 2 devices. The benefit of using the app on Glass is voice interaction; something that not all of the other wearables support. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the company was working on a version for Android Wear smartwatches too as they’ll support voice input. ReQall’s software also has pre-determined responses for quick replies and, perhaps best of all on Glass, works with non-Google email accounts such as Yahoo(s yhoo) and Outlook(s msft).

reqallable incoming text

What reQallable does is important because as we migrate to smartphones, there’s an inherent increase in the amount of “noise” we receive. Notifications for every little thing can make it difficult for us to realize when a truly important one is received and requires action. ReQallable smartly surfaces the big stuff so we don’t sweat the small stuff that constantly vies for our attention, be it from a smartphone, wearable display or smartwatch.