Springpad confirms shutdown, offers to migrate user information to Evernote


A week after a report from The Verge suggested that Boston-based cloud product Springpad would be shuttering its doors, the company sent out an email Thursday marking its official shutdown date as June 25. Before that date, the 5 million registered users on Springpad will be able to export the data still present within their account or migrate all of it to Evernote via a special site the company has built.


Elviera Schreuder

Something fishy is going on. If they lack funds, why not ask all the Springpad users to pay a dollar or two to keep the app alive? Why such a short notice before shutdown? Why no proper explanation?

Swag Valance

You didn’t have to wait for the email Monday. All users got an ugly notice on the service on Monday when trying to access their notes.

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