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Report: Microsoft’s smartwatch coming soon with support for Android, iOS

We knew Microsoft has had smartwatch aspirations for some time — remember the SPOT Watches above from a decade ago? — and now it appears that such a device will work with more than just Windows Phone. Forbes reported on Thursday that Microsoft’s(s msft) watch will also support Bluetooth notifications from Android(s goog) and iOS(s aapl) handsets, which would be a clever move: Microsoft’s global smartphone share is relatively small, but expected to grow through 2018. Forbes’ sources suggest the possibility of a release within months with the watch capable of health and heart-rate tracking through optical technology from the Xbox Kinect group.

One Response to “Report: Microsoft’s smartwatch coming soon with support for Android, iOS”

  1. rannxerox

    Was waiting for the Moto 360 but now I really want to see what MS will release. I tried out a WP8 for a month and really like it and could see myself going in that direction but I also use iPads and currently have a Nexus phone… in other words I have a foot (and a arm) in all three platforms. A device that can work on any of them would be far more future proof than one tied to any one OS. Kinda like a Pebble but with more functionality.