Live blog: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Google co-founder Sergey Brin at the Code Conference

Google executives have always claimed to have studied the rise and plateau of Microsoft — including its innovation dilemmas and its face-off with government regulators — very carefully. The companies actually have more in common than you might think at first glance: backed by the profits generated by breakthrough products, Microsoft and Google came to dominate their respective industries while diversifying madly in search of the next big thing, with varying degrees of success.

We’ll see what Google has learned from Microsoft — and, most likely, vice versa — when the companies share the spotlight Tuesday evening in gorgeous Rancho Palos Verdes, California, at the inaugural Code Conference, formerly known as the D conference. New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella will kick things off at around 5 p.m. PT in an onstage interview, and he’ll be followed by Google co-founder and special-projects wizard Sergey Brin.

We’ll be live-blogging the action here starting at some point around 5 p.m. The session promises to be an interesting one, as Nadella is a breath of fresh air at the stalwart software giant with a different way of looking at the world from his predecessor, Steve Ballmer, and Brin is, well, a little wacky.

So please join us for Happy Hour with two of the tech industry’s more interesting leaders, with the session expected to last until 7:30 p.m. or so. I can promise frantic typing and halfway-decent iPhone photos, and hopefully the MacBook Air battery is up to the task.