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Apple is planning to launch a Smart Home platform at WWDC next week, says the FT

Given its ubiquity in the smartphone world, it’s not surprising that the iPhone has become a kind of centralized remote control for a wide range of devices, from televisions and stereo systems to intelligent lightbulbs and thermostats — and Apple wants to expand on that through a new “Smart Home” program that is going to be launched at WWDC next week, according to a report in the Financial Times. The FT said that Apple will build remote-control and management features for a host of devices including security systems into the iOS platform through partnerships with specific manufacturers, and the company’s retail stores will be a core part of the strategy. The platform could use near-field communications or NFC as the method of control, the newspaper said, since support for the technology is expected to also be part of the company’s new iPhone models.

6 Responses to “Apple is planning to launch a Smart Home platform at WWDC next week, says the FT”

  1. Ramon B. Nuez Jr.

    So it’s one thing to have Apple in my pocket. I am just not sure I want Apple “controlling” my house. I mean look at the Apple TV — it’s a toy in the grand scheme of things.

  2. Madlyb

    So? This market is already crowded with vertical solutions that don’t to talk each other and Apple will just be another walled garden in a multitude of walled gardens.

    The bright side is they may drive other products to be more IP and API based which could be watershed event, but that is the most I can hope for.

  3. Nicholas Paredes

    Enormous market with fewer of the B2B sales issues associated with automotive. Why sell one automaker, when you can market to millions of homes?

  4. Jeff Grayson

    Already got my RoboSmart LED Bulbs with iBeacons that can automatically turn on when I arrive home and off when I leave the house. They were about $37 each. Integrated dimmer and programmable timer included so it can appear like I am home when I go on vacation. Easy to use free app for my iPhone.