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Asus C200, C300 Chromebooks and the HP Chromebox on the way

Early this year, Asus added its name to the ranks of PC makers entering the Chrome OS(s goog) market. The company began selling its $179 Chromebox in February and is now following that up with a pair of Chromebooks, the C200 and C300. We knew both were coming and this week, Asus officially announced both with pre-orders starting for the smaller C200 at $249.

On this week’s Chrome Show podcast, we discuss both Chromebooks as they’ll be among the first to use Intel’s(s intc) Bay-Trail M processor. It’s likely the two laptops will offer less performance than most other Intel-powered Chromebooks available today but provide a an extra hour or two of battery life on a single change. We also share details of the refreshed HP(s hpq) Chromebook 11 G2 and HP’s own Chromebox, which is coming soon. Tune in below or download the podcast here to listen in.

One Response to “Asus C200, C300 Chromebooks and the HP Chromebox on the way”

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