Apple’s 8 GB iPhone 5c launches in India


Credit: Apple

First appearing in several European Union regions, in March the lower-cost 8 GB model of Apple’s iPhone 5c is now available in India. The handset costs Rs 33,500 ($573.39 US) after a reported Rs 4,000  cash rebate from Apple according to The Times of India, and includes a free case. 9to5 Mac notes that the limited storage works out to a RS 6,300 savings compared to the base 16 GB model which costs RS 39,800 after rebate. With either model, Apple won’t likely find much of a foothold: There are dozens of lower costing alternatives running Google(s goog) Android and Windows Phone(s MSFT) software available.


Ali Adel

India, next they will be selling the Nokia 8110 with all it’s mind blowing specs to Eskimos who have never used modern telecommunications. Apple iPhone 5C 8Gb for India, Apple iPhone 6 128Gb for the rest of the global community by the end of 2014.


guess one wants cheap android or windows matter how poor they are!!


You’re right! No SD slot and It doesn’t even run Windows 8! What was Tim Cook thinking? :-)

Regular Expression

How much Indian music do you really need? 4GB will hold enough for a lifetime, so that leaves plenty of room for apps and working storage. It may even be overkill.

Steffen Jobbs

Why? You never heard of cloud storage? I hear it’s all the rage. Anyway, it’s good the Indians aren’t buying expensive iPhones because I’m sure they need that money for far more important things than flagship smartphones. Things like sanitation, housing and education. If they need to buy some cheap junk smartphone, fine. Android is the go-to platform for that and they can be my guest.


What the heck can you do with a smart phone that only comes with 8Gb of storage and no way to add an extra micro SD card to increase the storage space?

Only Apple could get away with this.

Hiram Walker

A 16 GB Samsung has only 8 GB free storage anyway.

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