LG G3 phone case has a cutout for smartwatch-like notifications and apps

While the company’s G3 smartphone doesn’t get an official introduction until next week, LG is already showing off the handset’s case. The LG G3 QuickCircle Case will, according to LG, make the new phone “infinitely more useful” by showing the time, calls, messages, music controls and health data through the round window. Developers will have an SDK to create additional functions, LG noted in a release on Thursday.

LG G3 Quick Circle Case

G3 owners will be able to receive calls or messages through the QuickCircle Case without opening it, and they’ll be able to place calls, respond to texts and take photos as well.

If you think that sounds like the kinds of functionality a smartwatch can provide, you’re right. The lock-screen is becoming more useful with each major handset iteration, providing actionable information at a glance. Yes, LG is about to launch the G Watch, the first Google(s goog) Android Wear smartwatch, but I can see the QuickCircle Case offer similar functions for those who don’t want a watch.

The LG G3 QuickCircle Case will launch in five colors: Metallic Black, Silk White, Shine Gold, Aqua Mint and Indian Pink. Aside from the round notification system, the case also adds Qi wireless charging to the handset and emits a soft light for incoming calls and texts.