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Time Warner Cable starts offering 300 Mbps in Austin in June


Austin, the home of three future gigabit networks from Google (residents can’t sign up for it yet); AT&T (currently limited in the deployment area and limited to 300 Mbps speeds) and Grande Communications (gigabit offered in limited areas) is getting a speed boost from its incumbent cable provider, Time Warner Cable. Residents will see their speeds hit up to 300 Mbps starting June 3. Everyone gets a boost, with 15 Mbps subscribers hitting 50 Mbps and those on the 100 Mbps plan getting a 300 Mbps upgrade at no extra charge. The upgrades represent a $60 million investment by TWC in Austin.

5 Responses to “Time Warner Cable starts offering 300 Mbps in Austin in June”

  1. S. Power

    The 50 mb/s we currently have seems so fast, that I not sure if we’ll even notice the difference. As for 150 gig caps, you must be thinking of Comcast. We’ve used over a terrabyte before in our house without even raising an eyebrow from TimeWarner. Most months we use about 500 GB and have never even gotten a letter or e-mail from them about it.

  2. Jason McKenzie

    I pay TimeWarner $60 a month and can’t stream Hulu or Spotify through my TV for more than 30 minutes without a service interruption. I’ve had them out to my house no less than 5 times, up in my attic twice, including a manager, and it’s STILL broken.

    I’ll buy this 300mp crap when I see it for myself. In the meantime, I CANNOT WAIT to switch to Google.