Watch Michael Dell eat a piece of Dell packaging made from mushrooms


Michael Dell

Dell is working with partners to make packaging for its devices out of more sustainable materials like bamboo, wheat straw and even mushrooms, said Michael Dell at the Fortune Brainstorm Green conference on Tuesday. To prove his point, he and Fortune Managing Editor Andy Serwer ate small pieces of edible packaging made from mushrooms (see around minute 13) — of course, dipping them in soy sauce first. Michael Dell said he is enjoying the fact that the company is now private because it allows the company to be more bold, and think more long term. Looks like it!


Ashley Randall

What an exciting concept! I’d worry about the ability to protect the product inside, and also the shelf life (sometimes a computer can sit and wait to be sold for a very long time) – but in theory, it’s fantastic. Definitely a step in the right direction, no?

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