Samsung launches new video service… in Asia

Samsung announced a new video service on Tuesday, tentatively called Project Glue, that aims to bring U.S. TV shows to audiences in Asia. Project Glue will give users access to an entire season of a TV show for 30 days for as little as $6.50. The service is slated to launch in Singapore and the Philippines in the third quarter of this year, and is powered by Movideo.

Project Glue will give users the ability to stream or download shows to their mobile devices, and Samsung will make the first episode of every season available for free. Paying users will also be able to give their friends free access to a show for one day.

Check out a video of Tuesday’s announcement at a press event in Singapore (hat tip to Hal Bringman) below:

The launch of Project Glue comes as Samsung is working on relaunching its video efforts in the U.S. as well. The company is currently hiring developers to build a “next generation video service” as a part of a bigger reorganization of its media services business, which also included the launch of the Pandora competitor Milk Music.