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Live from Microsoft’s Surface event

Is it time for a new small Surface Mini tablet? We’ll find out if there is and if so: Can Microsoft(s msft) successfully compete in this space with its hardware partners? I’m not sold on that unless such a product is aggressively priced and offers something extra not found in small Windows tablets from Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, Asus, Acer and others.

One Response to “Live from Microsoft’s Surface event”

  1. Robert Seth

    It would really be cool if Microsoft would come out with a mini version of the surface. I have extensively tested the surface and find it to be a worthwhile and high performing device. But in my tests it just always seem to feel too heavy in my hands (for it’s size) and difficult to hold onto without interfering with what was happening on the screen. I think a smaller one might make it a much better candidate in this market. Looking forward to seeing what they announce in this event