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Microsoft reportedly pulled the rumored Surface Mini at the last minute

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When Microsoft(s msft) announced the Surface Pro 3 on Tuesday, a lot of people were surprised it didn’t announce a Windows RT-based “Surface Mini,” as had been rumored for weeks before the event. Microsoft did in fact have a Surface Mini in development but pulled it recently because CEO Satya Nadella and Executive VP Stephen Elop thought it “wouldn’t be a hit,” according to a report from Bloomberg. Nadella and Elop’s reported concerns echo what my colleague Kevin Tofel said last month when he reviewed the Dell Venue 8, a full Windows 8 tablet at the same likely size and price range as the unreleased Mini.

2 Responses to “Microsoft reportedly pulled the rumored Surface Mini at the last minute”

  1. rannxerox

    My problem with the rumored Surface Mini was the rumored RT it was to run on. I have a Surface RT and love the device but my biggest problem with it is that it’s RT. As noted with the Dell Venue 8 Pro, there is little reason to run RT, Atom is now powerful enough and battery sipping and cheap enough to make ARMs on Windows moot.