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The upgraded new HP Chromebook 11 G2 comes with some downgrades

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One of the best features of the original HP(s hpq) Chromebook 11 won’t be in the upgraded G2 model. HP hasn’t officially announced the G2 but it is on sale in Australia and has appeared on video. What you’ll sadly see in this hands-on from Lachlan Tsang after he purchased one is that HP downgraded the screen on this model from the bright, vivid IPS display found on HP’s original Chromebook(s goog).

It’s evident in the video that the display on the new Chromebook 11 is of a lower quality than the screen of its predecessor. That model has the best display out of all of the currently available 11.6-inch Chromebooks in my opinion and it’s one of the reasons I liked HP’s first small Chromebook: Viewing angles are excellent and the panel helps the 1366 x 768 resolution look sharper than on competing models.

The new HP Chromebook is also redesigned to look more like the larger HP Chromebook 14. That’s not necessarily a bad thing although it adds 0.2-inches in thickness and a hefty 10.6 ounces to the weight. Perhaps HP has put a larger battery inside with the extra space; we’ll have to wait for an official announcement to find out.

Aside from those changes, everything else is the same; not necessarily a good thing. In particular, HP is still using the same Samsung Exynos 5250 dual-core processor that debuted in the original Samsung Chromebook in 2012. That’s disappointing, particularly when there are newer ARM chips available such as the eight-core chip Samsung is using in its Chromebook 2.

OMG Chrome suggests the new HP Chromebook G2 will launch soon in the U.K. and U.S. and notes that there’s a user manual for the new laptop available in Canada. My hope is that HP has priced this to reflect some of the lesser qualities, perhaps $199 to $229, or aims this specifically at the education market.

5 Responses to “The upgraded new HP Chromebook 11 G2 comes with some downgrades”

  1. The Duke

    I got the v1 hp chromebook 11 two weeks ago for my lad, he didn’t like it, so before I sent it back I had a play with it and love it. The build is great and the screen is stunning for a £200 device. It’s replaced my nexus 7.

    It was the screen that made me keep it, with the one featured above I think I would of sent it back. Chrome os is a great choice for a casual /light office user/student, or a good second machine. I still need my think pad, but the speed of the CB makes my pick it up every time when I have the choice. Keyboard is nice to, it’s not thinkpad nice, but better than any other laptop I’ve used, including £1000 plus models. The track pad is lacking tho, bit that may just be because I’m a ‘nub’ guy, not ‘track pad’ , it’s been years since I’ve used one.

    This doesn’t look like a good move, hp have set a great benchmark with the v1 11, design and quality at a cheap price, very much the poor man’s mac book (no disrespectful intended) , to downgrade this just makes it another chromebook, in an ever crowding market.

  2. Paul Koplow

    This is moving in the wrong. We have entry level chromebooks for people to try (and get hooked). Now we are ready to take a step up.