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Straight Talk bumps high speed service to 3 GB on its $45 monthly plan

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Although Straight Talk has long advertised its mobile broadband service as “unlimited”, the company acknowledged in September that it only offered 2.5 GB per month. After hitting that limit, the provider slows down speeds on its $45 monthly plan. That speed bump is now good for 3 GB of speedy service, Straight Talk said on Wednesday. Straight Talk doesn’t have networks of its own but instead buys wholesale service from traditional carriers and resells it. Essentially, you get the same service and coverage provided by AT&T(s t), T-Mobile(s tmus) or Verizon(s vz), for example, at a discount on your iPhone, Android handset or other smartphone.

4 Responses to “Straight Talk bumps high speed service to 3 GB on its $45 monthly plan”

  1. rannxerox

    Been using StraitTalk for a few years now and am happy with their service. I live in MI and go up to some remote places in the state like the upper peninsula and I generally get good service via AT&T Go network via StriatTalk.

    The biggest pain is figuring out their APN setups per carrier and phones.

    • Kevin Darty

      They lease off of AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon, some of which lie and tell you that you have an “Unlimited” Data Plan when in actuality, they do monitor you and throttle you down if you go over some magic number. Straight Talk is thus required to stay under the same constraints. Also, I don’t think they ever lied to anyone. I have been looking into Straight Talk for quite a while and there has actually been disclosures mentioning the cap though many users have observed that it isn’t always enforced.

      • Aankhen

        I can understand being constrained by the carriers they’re leasing from. It’s just that if I see an unlimited plan being advertised, I would assume that it is unlimited usage at the advertised speed.