Oops! Microsoft hints at a Surface Pro 3


Credit: Kevin C. Tofel/Gigaom

An official Microsoft(s msft) support page spotted by The Verge references the Surface Pro 3, a device that doesn’t yet exist. It’s possible that the reference is a typo meant to say Surface Pro 2 but it would seem to loosely confirm a CNET report from last week suggesting that Microsoft will debut a new Surface model at a planned event next week. That would be in addition to the expected Microsoft Surface Mini, likely an 8-inch device running Windows RT 8.1. We’ll be on-hand at Tuesday’s event to find out if Surface Mini is getting another sibling.



I don’t think Surface Pro 3 is among the “small”s coming out next week! Pretty sure Microsoft has a much “bigger” plan. For next Tuesday it is clearly to me that what is coming out is a Surface Pro Mini that combines the best of all worlds. (full window 8.1 +RT +ARM+Intel) The world ‘s smallest full on PC (smaller than 8″ hence the claim) with the tablet friendly RT pre-installed in this smallest “everything” unit. This coupled with a superb resolution (so the small size is all advantages and no disadvantage) topped with the Wacom digitizer along with the full version Mircrosoft Office. This newest smallest big thing(what ever you call it) is going to dominate world attention with No doubt. Sorry Apple!
Anyway, can some one tell me what is going to top this? I can’t think of anything..


Windows RT is a no starter for many. If they release this in variations with Atom as an option than it would be far more successful.

The battery and speed bump you might gain from ARMs is offset by lack of desktop apps. For people like me that need corporate VPN and VoIP apps to do their jobs, it makes RT a no starter.

Heck, even Microsoft does not support RT as they do not have full versions of anything for Metro like Visual Studio or even a decent file explorer.

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