Chrome Show: First hands-on with the 1080p Samsung Chromebook 2


Credit: Gigaom Illustration

Google(s goog) took another step in making Chrome a desktop replacement this past week by integrating native files in the OS X(s aapl) Finder with Chrome apps. Windows(s msft) support is in the works and for now, you’ll need Chrome Canary to open local files in the Finder with a Chrome app. After spending a full week with the Dell Chromebook 11, we have more detailed thoughts to share; there’s a lot to like! And the first hands-on impressions of the Samsung Chromebook 2 with 1080p display are hitting the web.

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This week’s Chrome Show is sponsored by The MidRoll

Hosts: Janko Roettgers and Kevin C. Tofel

Google integrates Chrome apps with the Finder on OS X

Longer term thoughts of the Dell Chromebook 11

First look at the 1080p Samsung Chromebook 2

Google’s new Chrome Experiment can make you a better speller

The Dev channel has a new “Paste into Folder” menu item in Files

Remote lock, erase and location of a Chromebook may be coming

Google seems to be testing Chromecast screen mirroring for Android (again)

Extension of the week: Ballloon

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Thanks for recommend Ballloon, but there are three “L” in Ballloon…


Vincent Mac

Keven, before publishing new episodes to iTunes, could you be sure to add a track number to the id3 tags? When the Google Music file manager uploads new episodes tracks get displayed in alphabetical order if a track number is not set.

Vincent Mac

Sorry for the typo on your name! Just saw that after pressing submit.

Kevin C. Tofel

Great suggestion, Vincent. I may have to go back and figure out all of our track numbers though; we really haven’t noted which is which! That’s not a huge task though so let me see what I can do. Thanks!

Ron Ferguson

hey how about us early buyers of the asus chrombox we should be able to get the wireless keyboard and mouse for free Right?
Ron Ferguson

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