The first Android Wear smartwatch gets a teaser video

The first Android(s goog) Wear smartwatch is most likely going to be the LG G Watch, which got a new glamour video on Monday.

While we still don’t know the official price or availability of the device, we’ve known the G Watch is coming for a while. Google announced Android Wear, which is its Google Now platform adapted for the wrist, back in March, and LG and Motorola were the first two announced hardware partners for the platform. A series of LG statements implies we’ll finally be able to get our hands on one in June, for £180. Since it is typical for gadgets priced overseas to simply swap the currency symbol when they come to the United States, we could be looking at sub-$200 pricing for the G Watch.

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 9.08.26 AM

The glamour teaser doesn’t reveal any new information, but it does make the device look pretty slick. The G Watch will be waterproof, with a metal body, and will display Google Now cards. The most intriguing part of the short video is a tagline “Ready for anything, anytime with a single charge.” While it’s unclear what that means, if anything, it is a mention of battery life, which is going to be very important for wearables. People will forget them in drawers if they need excessive charging, especially with battery lives similar to or worse than smartphones.

Android Wear is built around Google’s data-driven Google Now, and its user interface will be based on providing useful, contextual information in the flow of daily life — telling you when your flight is or what time the ball game starts. Google Now is already a fantastic product, and bringing it to the smartwatch is a logical step because it feels almost constrained on a Android smartphone, which will be required to push information to an Android Wear device. Google has more user data than almost any other company, and it is in a better position to provide contextual information than Apple(s AAPL), for instance, whose rumored wearable is said to be health focused.

Google’s Android Wear is available in a developer preview and you can check it out here.