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Comcast is now the third-fastest US ISP for Netflix streaming

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Comcast (S CMCSK) and Netflix (S NFLX) may hate each other, but they nonetheless work really well together: Netflix’s newly released ISP speed index shows that the average streaming speeds of its customers over Comcast’s network continued to increase in April, with streams now averaging 2.77 Mbps.

That’s a massive improvement over the kind of Netflix speeds Comcast subscribers had to endure earlier this year. In January, network performance fell to an all-time low, with streaming speeds averaging 1.51 Mbps.

comcast april 2014 netflix performance

Netflix struck a paid peering agreement with Comcast in February, agreeing to pay the service provider to directly connect with its network. The deal was a departure for Netflix, which previously struck a number of agreements with ISPs to place its own caching equipment within their networks.

While the partnership with Comcast may have resulted in significant improvements for Netflix subscribers who access the service via Comcast, it didn’t exactly help to improve relations between the two companies. Netflix went on to complain that Comcast abused its market power to demand payments for something that should be free, while Comcast accused Netflix of willfully slowing down its own subscribers.

Netflix also struck a paid peering deal with Verizon at the end of April, but it may take some time before we see similar improvements for Verizon’s customers.

6 Responses to “Comcast is now the third-fastest US ISP for Netflix streaming”

  1. If it only takes 1.51 to 2.77Mbps to stream Netflix, why is Comcast arguing they need to charge their residential customers and Netflix? What are residential customers paying for if that doesn’t cover a mere 2.77Mbps?? Market abuse…. They charge both customer and provider because they can.

    Time Warner being swallowed increases ISP market dominance, and absorption of content providers like HBO, etc. Comcast message to cord cutters, “We own you”.

    • This is kind of like when a gang or the mafia extorts a shop keeper, breaks stuff or throws a brick through their window and says “pay us or something bad will happen” and the bad being they’ll throttle the bandwidth for their site and they may loose customers.

      So Comcast, and ISP’s like them are basically the new age mafia.

  2. “Good news for Comcast customers: Your Netflix streams just got a lot better-looking, thanks to speed increases that are the result of a commercial peering agreement.”

    Bad news for everyone thats with Netflix and that is thinking about Netflix…prices are going to go up for you.

    If Comcast would have lowered it internet and cable prices for its customers people probably wouldn’t care as much. Instead Comcast is getting a large amount of money from both sides of the stream (pun intended).