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Coming soon: Offline Google Play Movies and TV Shows for Chromebooks

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After using Chromebooks for nearly two years, one of my biggest wish list items is on the way: This week, Google(s goog) said offline support for Google Play Movies and TV shows is nearly here. While you can currently stream video content on a Chrome OS device, downloading video purchases and rentals isn’t yet possible. It’s a big feature gap — here’s what you can currently do offline on a Chromebook — considering you watch offline content on phones, tablets and other computers.

Support for the offline content is due in the next few weeks according to Google and we discuss the development in this week’s Chrome Show podcast. Tune in below or download the show to hear more about that topic as well as hands-on thoughts of the Dell Chromebook 11, the final pricing of LG’s Chromebase and more Chrome OS collaboration between Google and Intel(s intc).

2 Responses to “Coming soon: Offline Google Play Movies and TV Shows for Chromebooks”

  1. I really hope they keep the OS simple. They keep tacking on all of these things that address random negative user comments on message board and comment sections, but I appreciate the minimalism and simplicity in the system.

    I think a lot of people want to use it as their main device, but I want to use it as a fast and no-maintenance secondary device.

    Things are fine now, but I keep seeing articles about booting windows apps, etc. Ugh. stop.

  2. ecw0647

    I love my Chromebooks, but as a workaround, I download YouTube videos, books, music, etc. and load it on a USB drive and then watch/listen to them on the Chromebook at my convenience using one of the many apps available to enable that.