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Android this week: Moto E appears and new Nexus devices are hinted

Motorola(s goog) is holding an event next week, presumably to debut a new handset. As is often the case, it’s hard to keep a secret on the internet: The Motorola E has leaked online early. Android Central found an image of the budget handset that shows clear similarity to the Moto G and X:



Based on the expected hardware inside, the Moto E should fit most budgets: a 4.3-inch display, 1.2 GHz dual-core Snapdragon(s qcom) chip, and scant 4 GB of internal storage. In fact, the invitation I received for next week’s event suggests a low-cost handset based on the tagline of “Made to last. Priced for all.” Given that the Moto G debuted at $179, the Moto E should certainly be priced less. As low as $99 off-contract? I think that would be ground-breaking for an Android phone if it provides a solid experience.

Speaking of Android experiences, expect more of them coming from Google itself. Code surfaced this week suggesting a pair of new Nexus devices are in the works with at least one being built by HTC. A reference to “Flounder” is likely the Nexus 6 as prior Nexus devices had code-names of fish. HTC hasn’t had a Nexus phone since the original Nexus One in 2010, so if this works out it would be a nice shot of adrenaline for HTC, which has been struggling of late.

The other device noted in code mentions Google as the maker, although the company will likely contract out the production. It’s not likely a phone, however. A line item specifically makes a change from HiFi to SET_TOP_BOX. Google already has its Chromecast, so a new set-top box would be surprising.

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