Two unannounced Nexus devices tipped in Android changelog, including a set-top box

Android(s goog) 4.4.3, an upcoming bug fix release, had a changelog pushed on Friday that tips two new unannounced Nexus devices. Spotted on XDA Portal, the two devices are codenamed Flounder and Molly, and Flounder appears to made by HTC.

The Android Open Source Project usually names Nexus devices after aquatic animals — the Nexus 5 was codenamed “Hammerhead,” for instance — and these two new codenames fit right in with the scheme.

Flounder could be a handset, such as the successor to the Nexus 5, or it could be the rumored Nexus 8, which would be a tablet and could take the place of the Asus-made Nexus 7. HTC hasn’t produced a Nexus device since the very first one back in 2010, and the company’s fortunes have radically changed since then. The lines of the changelog which reference Flounder and HTC are 238-245:

project device/htc/flounder/
f6f0fe7 flounder: fix KGDB port
d9a03bc flounder: take out conservative cpufreq governor a.o. extraneous stuff
091c1c1 flounder: add Power HAL

project device/htc/flounder-kernel/
6090a06 flounder: update kernel prebuilt

The Molly mentions are more intriguing. Possibly the rumored Android TV leaked last month, the changelog includes references to “SET_TOP_BOX.” The lines in question are 214-225:

project device/google/molly/
60f0dd6 molly: keystore: add keystore hal
1dcb7b7 molly: correcting too wide permissions for certain devnodes
eadd23b molly: set permissions for nvhost-msenc
c554447 [molly][drm] Implement rules for Discretix module
787e5e7 Fix the file permission for mbtchar0
fe0c51a Update to support separate prod and test key bootloaders
e610c57 Set BT minor code to SET_TOP_BOX instead of HIFI.
5d64459 molly: Do not init p2p for wlan0 interface
c0626ba Disable throughput hinting for gpu frequency scaler.

If you find anything interesting digging through the source code, please do let us know. We’ll probably learn more about these devices at Google I/O in June.