Quora to join YCombinator’s next class

As it mentors its upcoming batch of startups, Silicon Valley accelerator YCombinator will be trying something new: it will bring an established company into the fold. YC announced via a blog post Friday that Q&A service Quora will join its summer 2014 class.

“This is a new experiment for us; we’ve funded later-stage companies before, but none close to Quora’s stage,” said YC President Sam Altman, who succeeded Paul Graham in February. “Our hope is that both the company and the YC community will get a lot of value out of this.”

Quora recently raised an $80 million round of funding, which the company said would “keep the service running no matter what happens in the future.” It’s unclear exactly how Quora’s presence will alter the YCombinator class overall — usually startups in the program have yet to finish a Series A. But Altman stressed that the “experiment” may be a one-time thing. In addition, YCombinator won’t count Quora in its statistics.