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Latest iPhone 6 mock-ups suggest iPod touch design influence (and that’s good!)

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Physical mock-ups of Apple’s(s aapl) next iPhone have been making the on-line rounds of late, offering a glimpse of what to expect from Cupertino., which has shared images of the mock-ups for the past few weeks, compared them the current iPod touch on Friday, finding many design similarities. And that’s not a bad thing.

ipod touch v iphone 6

If the iPhone 6 mocks are the real deal, expect a thinner iPhone with fewer straight lines and hard edges. Like today’s iPod touch, the handset appears to have more rounded corners on the back of the phone. While I like my iPhone 5s, I actually enjoy holding the older iPod touch I still have even more for this very reason: the iPod touch doesn’t dig into my hand due to the softer edges.

It’s also interesting to note that the width of the iPod touch could represent the approximate width of the upcoming iPhone 6 display, which is expected to be 4.7-inches diagonally. That’s based on the iPod touch put on top of the handset mock and assuming that Apple still has some bezels on the side of the iPhone display.

ipod touch on top of iphone 6

Again, the industrial design of the last few iPhones has definitely set the handset apart from the smartphone pack. And a case can certainly soften those edges. But if the phone is going to be bigger — a near certainty from where I stand — it will be easier to use with one-hand if the device is thinner and has rounded edges. Considering the iPod touch is still one of my favorite devices of all time, I’m all for a new iPhone with iPod touch design elements.

3 Responses to “Latest iPhone 6 mock-ups suggest iPod touch design influence (and that’s good!)”

  1. makelvin

    Looking at the photos of the iPhone 6 mockup, I noticed that there is only a single LED for flash on the back of the iPhone 6. In iPhone 5, Apple started using two different color LEDs for compensating different ambient light conditions and provides real-time dynamic lighting correction when a photo is taken. If this is a real mockup of the new upcoming iPhone 6, why does it only have a single LED? Does this new LED provides both color? If not, then the authenticity of this iPhone 6 mockup is somewhat questionable.

  2. Steve

    I know the leaks seem insane, but one thing I wanted to note about the images on the page. The last image on the page shows a screen on the supposed iPhone 6 (look in the lower left).

    That leads me to believe that this could be a real working prototype, simply because if the images were faked, this would be a big detail to focus on.