Upcoming Gigaom Event: 1892, 1969 and 2008: how 3 generations of companies migrated to the cloud


Cost comparison is usually not enough when making a multimillion dollar decision. You want to know why one product is more preferable for your company than any other and problems that similar companies have experienced, and you want to base your cloud-purchasing decision on a well-rounded gamut of information. At Structure, we know case-study perspectives are key to keeping informed. Here are three speakers who will shed light on their experiences with moving to the cloud.

Mike Curtis

Mike Curtis

With a history of being nimble and innovative, Airbnb has grown from a $30,000 incubated startup to a valuation of $10 billion in a mere seven years. With over 6 million users, all the cloud-based software for Airbnb lives in the cloud, specifically with AWS. VP of Engineering Mike Curtis will be a leading case-study example of how the multibillion dollar company utilizes AWS while staying nimble and cost-effective.


Jamie Miller

Few companies have as much historical significance and expectation for being a leader in tech as General Electric. From health care to cleantech, its specialty is in advanced materials and energy, but even GE must consider the efficiency of the cloud. Jamie Miller, the SVP and CIO at GE, will discuss its use of the cloud and how it is managing the wealth of information it is collecting. From big data and IoT, it all starts with a solid infrastructure.


Jeffrey Padgett

Some of the largest U.S.-based companies are consumer-facing, including the Gap and Domino Foods. These corporations are among many large-scale enterprises that are grappling with the question of what data to push to the cloud and in what form: private, public or hybrid. Jeffery Padgett, the senior director of Infrastructure Architecture, is just one of many making these decisions. Hear from Padgett on his considerations for the cloud have changed corporate IT structure at the Gap.

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