Greenpeace targets Pinterest over lack of clean power for its cloud provider, AWS


Make Our Pins Green

Greenpeace has been trying to persuade Amazon to commit to more clean power for its cloud computing service AWS, but to little avail. Now the environmentalists are turning to AWS’ big customers, like Pinterest. On Tuesday morning, Greenpeace protested outside of Pinterest’s headquarters handing out green cupcakes and calling to “make our pins green.” Other big consumer Internet users of AWS include Netflix, Spotify, Vine, Yelp, AirBnB and Reddit.



I wonder who the next environmental organization prosecuted under the RICO Act will be?

Looking more like harassment and environmental extortion, in my opinion.

So what’s the angle here?

Buy from our buddies in Silicon Valley or we’ll defame you and your customers?

First Officer

When is Greenpeace actually going to feed somebody out of their $350 million a year income?

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