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Better late than never? Oracle adds OpenStack support to Solaris

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Oracle(s orcl) was a tad late to the OpenStack party — joining the OpenStack Foundation late last year — but has now followed through on one promise by adding OpenStack support to a new point release of Solaris.

Specifically, the new 11.2 release  of the operating system — now in beta —  integrates OpenStack’s Horizon dashboard as well as the Nova compute, Neutron network and Cinder block storage modules. For more, check out the web cast  with Oracle co-president Mark Hurd:

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Given the scrum of vendors that are now part of the OpenStack Foundation — basically everyone except Microsoft(s msft), Google(s goog) and Amazon(s amzn) — some of the players are timing their news to come out in advance of next week’s OpenStack Summit.

Red Hat(s rhat), for example,  made with its $175 million acquisition of Inktank, the commercial company backing Ceph storage on Monday.  Ceph is a fan favorite among  OpenStack users, many of whom seem to prefer it to both the OpenStack Swift storage module and Red Hat’s own Gluster storage. So this may be a case of “if you  can’t beat ’em, buy ’em.”

For more on OpenStack’s new Icehouse release and other topics, check out the recent Structure Show podcast starring OpenStack Foundation’s executive Director Jonathan Bryce and COO Mark Collier.

If you don’t think a company with roots in telecom can make headway against Amazon Web Services, CenturyLink’s cloud SVP Andrew Higginbotham wants you to think again.

CenturyLink(s ctl) is knitting together cloud offerings based on its Savvis, AppFog and Tier 3 acquisitions, but perhaps more importantly, it is using its bandwidth advantage to undercut AWS on the price of moving data around. If AWS has an achilles heel, data transmission costs could be it.

Check out last week’s Structure Show to hear more from Higginbotham on this.

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