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Cloud Foundry Foundation nets 8 new members

The Cloud Foundry Foundation just named eight new brand-name members: Accenture, BNY Mellon, Capgemini, Ericsson, GE(s ge), Intel(s intc), NTT and Verizon(vz.)

If you’re counting, that brings the total for the top-level Platinum and Gold members to 17. Some of these names are hardly a surprise. GE, for example, invested $105 million in Pivotal, the commercial enterprise spun out from EMC(s emc) and VMware(s vmw) to back Cloud Foundry.

In February, Pivotal and friends EMC, IBM(s ibm), HP(s hpq), Rackspace(s rax) and SAP, VMware(s vmw), ActiveState and CenturyLink(s ctl) formed the Foundation to promote Cloud Foundry as the foundation for cloud-agnostic modern data-driven applications.

Pivotal President Scott Yara
Pivotal President Scott Yara

Pivotal CEO Paul Maritz blogged about the new members, and touted the Cloud Foundry Summit that will take place in early June. And Pivotal president Scott Yara (pictured above) will be at Gigaom Structure 2014 in San Francisco later next month to talk about what’s needed to run truly next-gen applications.