Apple will reportedly unveil “end-to-end” OS X redesign at WWDC

Apple WWDC

Apple will focus on Mac OS X at its upcoming developer’s conference on June 2, according to a post citing unidentified sources over at 9to5Mac.

Apple is planning to focus on OS X 10.10 because it is receiving an “end-to-end redesign,” similar to the facelift iOS received with its seventh version last year, writes Apple reporter Mark Gurman. Apple is also reportedly allocating iOS user resources to OS X in order to wrap the project up in time for WWDC.

According to Gurman, Apple is planning a fall release for OS X 10.10, internally codenamed “Syrah.” We don’t yet know which California landmark (or big cat) will eventually be tapped for Apple’s consumer-facing marketing name.

Aesthetic changes will include a few iOS 7-style tweaks, including toggle designs and sharper window corners. It’s also a safe bet that Apple will reexamine its app icons and make the OS X versions closer in look and feel to the iOS 7 icons.

Gurman’s report also notes that some features planned for iOS 8 may be pushed back to its first update, iOS 8.1, although it is not unusual for Apple to announce features months before their release, as it did with CarPlay this past March.

The least surprising news included in the report is that Apple is working on the successor to the A7 processor that it’s calling the A8. It’s safe to say the new processor will have improved overall performance and will be more efficient, which would be important if the rumors about the big-screen iPhone turn out to be true.


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