Upcoming Gigaom event: Does cloud size matter?


The cloud titans such as Google, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft are all preparing for battle.  With billion dollar marketing budgets, many promises and a great deal of hype, the market is about to get interesting quickly.

However, there are smaller public and private cloud technology providers out there that are worth a look, and in many instances they could be a better fit depending on the needs of the organization. But are you willing to take a chance on small venture-backed private or public cloud companies, many with fewer than 50 employees when the larger public and private cloud players are looking big and healthy these days, with legions of cloud nerds?

Is this really a matter of big versus small?  Or is it about fit and function? As the cloud wars heat up, we’re finding that what’s often generating the greatest amount of sales and interest may not be the right cloud for you. The days of always going with what’s popular versus what fits your business needs are long over.

All the major cloud players will be at Structure 2014, including IBM, VMware, HP, Microsoft and Amazon, as well as the smaller players such as Nebula, Eucalyptus and more — each with their own chance to tell their story and each with an equal opportunity to win hearts and minds.

Amazon Web Services’ Werner Vogels leading the public cloud market and VMware’s Bill Fathers leading the private cloud space will provide you with the view of the top of the market looking down on the little clouds, trying to be all things to all enterprises. However, Nebula’s Chris Kemp and Eucalyptus Systems’ Martin Mickos, both small cloud leaders, will tell you what it’s like to have a purpose-built private cloud that is all things to some enterprises.

Does the size of the cloud matter? That question is best answered by understanding the problems you’re looking to solve. Come to Structure on June 18 and 19 in San Francisco and find the cloud size that’s the right fit for you.

Register for Structure by May 16 and save $100.

–David Linthicum


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