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RightScale now can keep its eye on internal VMware deployments too

RightScale, the company that monitors multiple clouds for business customers, now has eyes on VMware workloads running internally as well.

The company’s new RightScale Cloud Appliance for vSphere claims to give developers self-service access to their company’s VMware(s vmw) vSphere resources and — this is critical — help make workloads portable across vSphere, Amazon(s amzn) Web Services, Google(s goog) Compute Engine, Microsoft(s msft) Azure and various OpenStack clouds. If that works as advertised that’s a lot of heavy lifting.

VMware dominates in the server virtualization within company data centers and while that’s a start, server virtualization does not equal cloud computing. Now the company wants to stretch into cloud with vCloud Hybrid Services (vCHS) which, despite its “hybrid” moniker, competes with Amazon and Azure public clouds for many workloads.

VMware hopes its entrenched enterprise user base will stick with the brand when it comes to cloud adoption, something VMware’s top cloud guy Bill Fathers will discuss at Gigaom Structure in June.

Bill Fathers, SVP and GM of VMware's hybrid cloud services.
Bill Fathers, SVP and GM of VMware’s hybrid cloud services.

For more on where RightScale sees VMware in the cloud universe, checkout the Structure Show podcast with RightScale’s Kim Weins.


One Response to “RightScale now can keep its eye on internal VMware deployments too”

  1. Michael de la Torre

    The article does not mention that many enterprises are building Private Clouds successfully, and making VMware virtualized infrastructure consumable through self-service with solutions like the vCloud Automation Suite. The “hybrid: moniker refers to a solution that delivers IaaS from both Private Cloud (on-premise) and Public Cloud providers through a common self-service interface integrating governance, cost and capacity management functions across a heterogeneous environments.