Live blog: Facebook faces the world at F8

Facebook F8 2014

It’s been nearly three years, but Facebook will finally hold its F8 developer conference Wednesday in San Francisco. The event, which Facebook reps have said will go “back to the roots” of the conference, will likely focus on mobile and monetization.

The keynote is scheduled to start at 10AM PDT, and I’ll be liveblogging here starting around 9:30 AM PDT.

Lauren Hockenson 11:06:15 am

Thanks for hanging out with us at F8! Stay tuned for more information and insights on what Facebook has announced throughout the day.

Lauren Hockenson 11:03:46 am

And that’s a wrap!

Lauren Hockenson 11:03:41 am

Zuckerberg: “It’s an honor to serve you guys in this mission.”

Lauren Hockenson 11:02:46 am

Zuckerberg is now talking about Facebook’s “strong hacker culture” — a nod to the fourth track at F8, Hacker’s Way, perhaps?

Lauren Hockenson 11:01:22 am

Next year’s F8. Save the date: Fort Mason on 3/25/2015

Lauren Hockenson 11:00:53 am

Zuck: “Build, Grow, and Monetize. This is what you need to build great mobile apps and great experiences.”

Lauren Hockenson 11:00:21 am

Zuckerberg back onstage.

Lauren Hockenson 11:00:15 am

FAN borrows a lot from what Facebook has learned deploying apps in FB and Instagram.

Lauren Hockenson 10:59:21 am

It seems like FAN’s app ads and interstitials are designed to fit in with apps, along with utilizing Facebook’s targeting.

Biz Carson 10:57:55 am

Lauren Hockenson 10:57:25 am

And it offers Native advertising: “We have pioneered this space on mobile and made it amazing because it’s part of the user experience.”

Lauren Hockenson 10:57:05 am

Facebook Audience Network offers a few lines of codes for developers to access relevant ads and interstitials.

Lauren Hockenson 10:56:03 am

“You don’t have to find out who in your app is the right person for right audiences.”

Lauren Hockenson 10:55:47 am

Liu Announces Facebook Audience Network!

Biz Carson 10:55:39 am

Lauren Hockenson 10:55:26 am

Liu’s pumping up Facebook’s targeting system, which relies on the subtleties of people’s likes and behavior.

Lauren Hockenson 10:54:13 am

Liu is showing off Facebook’s News Feed ads: “It’s just like our News Feed.”

Lauren Hockenson 10:53:12 am

Liu says FB learned two lessons for mobile ads: Advertising still works on mobile, and works well, and Facebook had to reinvent how ads looked.

Lauren Hockenson 10:52:23 am

Liu: “How do we make money on mobile? We’re in a unique position to answer that question, because just two years ago, we made no money on mobile.”

Lauren Hockenson 10:51:59 am

375M people play games with FB each month, and over 100 developers made more than $1m in 2013

Lauren Hockenson 10:51:46 am

Games have been the focal point of FB’s money-making strategy, through Canvas.

Lauren Hockenson 10:50:32 am

Deborah Liu now onstage: “Money is the lifeblood of your business.”

Lauren Hockenson 10:49:57 am

Now we’re onto the good stuff: Making money.

Lauren Hockenson 10:49:34 am

Facebook’s got some flashy numbers for apps that have been successful.

Biz Carson 10:49:25 am

Lauren Hockenson 10:48:49 am

Archibong: “This is like a nice reminder from a friend to listen to content I would enjoy”

Lauren Hockenson 10:47:47 am

Now talking about engagement ads, which target users who have already downloaded specific apps and entice them to return to that app.

Lauren Hockenson 10:46:27 am

Archibong: 350 million installs have been driven by Mobile App Ads.

Lauren Hockenson 10:45:11 am

Now onto Mobile app ads!

Lauren Hockenson 10:44:24 am

Bootstrap offers $5k in free services, while Accelerate offers $30k in services.

Lauren Hockenson 10:43:46 am

FBStart has $30,000 in tools to help devs start up and grow their apps: 

Lauren Hockenson 10:43:15 am

Archibong announced a new partner program, FBStart: “We’re sensitive to the challenge it is to just operate your business.”

Lauren Hockenson 10:42:14 am

Lana Del Ray, again! 

Biz Carson 10:42:03 am

Lauren Hockenson 10:41:45 am

Archibong on the mobile Like button: “In an easy way, they’ve empowered me to be an evangelist for their app.”

Biz Carson 10:41:00 am

Lauren Hockenson 10:40:51 am

Like and Share buttons are used across 10M sites today. And now it’s on mobile!

Lauren Hockenson 10:40:36 am

Facebook users can send a link to their phones, transitioning apps on desktop to apps on mobile, but it’s not perfect.

Lauren Hockenson 10:39:54 am

Archibong: “A number of you still have a tremendous amount of people visiting you from the web every day, but these are the users you want to engage with a mobile app.”

Lauren Hockenson 10:38:55 am

Archibong will be talking about the “Grow” pillar of F8. 

Lauren Hockenson 10:38:29 am

Fun fact: Archibong coaches a lot of kids’ basketball

Lauren Hockenson 10:37:54 am

Now onto Ime Archibong, who works with Strategic Partnerships.

Biz Carson 10:37:35 am

Lauren Hockenson 10:37:26 am

Everything is available on Sukhar reiterates that it’s open source.

Lauren Hockenson 10:37:00 am

For example, Spotify is working with Songkick to buy concert tickets within the app.

Lauren Hockenson 10:36:24 am

AppLinks Partners right now include Spotify, Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr, Hulu and Venmo.

Lauren Hockenson 10:35:39 am

Sukhar: One line of code sends users to the selected URL and brings them back into the app.

Lauren Hockenson 10:34:54 am

For devs: AppLinks offers a set of new tags to drop into new content for platform versions. Mobile-only sites have a special API.

Lauren Hockenson 10:34:10 am

Oh wow, media links continue to work within apps. The music from Soundcloud in this demo continues to play.

Lauren Hockenson 10:33:11 am

Sukhar introduces AppLinks: an open-standard, open source SDK designed to help navigate links.

Lauren Hockenson 10:32:18 am

“What if that wasn’t the case? What if we could break down these walls?”

Lauren Hockenson 10:31:50 am

Sukhar says opening links on mobile/tablet can be fussy with in-app browsers. He’s right.

Lauren Hockenson 10:31:03 am

Sukhar on URLs: “It’s a shame it’s not a big deal on mobile right now”

Lauren Hockenson 10:30:36 am

Sukhar is speeding through topics! Now he’s musing on the Web URL.

Biz Carson 10:30:22 am

Lauren Hockenson 10:29:38 am

Parse Local Data Store will help host offline apps with the same minimal code.

Lauren Hockenson 10:29:00 am

Sukhar on offline apps: “Only the best, largest companies focus on this, and for smaller companies, it doesn’t work quite as well.” 

Lauren Hockenson 10:28:12 am

Now onto low connectivity situations — some audience member made a crack about the event’s WiFi.

Lauren Hockenson 10:26:59 am

Sukhar: “You can’t just have a lot of growth. People might just go straight out the door. You want to keep them there.”

Biz Carson 10:26:07 am

Lauren Hockenson 10:25:57 am

Sukhar’s now talking growth for apps.

Lauren Hockenson 10:25:45 am

Facebook’s making Parse cheap: Core has unlimited up to 30 requests/second, Parse Push is unlimited up to a million recipients, and Parse Analytics is always free.

Lauren Hockenson 10:24:44 am

“If you’re two guys cooking something up, I’m with you. I want to help you with your dream.”

Biz Carson 10:24:38 am

Lauren Hockenson 10:23:40 am

Parse has nearly tripled its user base since it was acquired last year.

Lauren Hockenson 10:23:15 am

“We have all these tools to build great apps across every single platform” Web, iOS, Android, Unity, etc.

Lauren Hockenson 10:22:37 am

Parse Push, for example, sends push notifications with just eight lines of Objective C.

Lauren Hockenson 10:21:43 am

Sukhar is now showing off the F8 apps, and how Parse helps enable it.

Lauren Hockenson 10:20:44 am

Sukhar on developing apps with Facebook and Parse: “You don’t have to reinvent the wheel over and over again.”

Lauren Hockenson 10:19:22 am

Sukhar is a co-founder of Parse, a three-year old building tool that Facebook acquired last year.

Lauren Hockenson 10:18:08 am

Now moving to the “Build” pillar of platform with Ilya Sukhar.

Lauren Hockenson 10:17:52 am

Seems like Facebook is tying up a lot of loose ends with Log-in, helping people share their data with special nuance. It builds the trust the platform lacks right now.

Biz Carson 10:17:23 am

Lauren Hockenson 10:16:58 am

“You’re going to be able to have an experience that’s synced without the app knowing who you are.”

Lauren Hockenson 10:16:12 am

Zuckerberg introduces Anonymous Log-in!

Lauren Hockenson 10:15:10 am

Sharing on Facebook will also change, especially with data handled by friends-of-friends: “Now, everyone has to choose to share their own data with an app themselves.”

Lauren Hockenson 10:14:33 am

Privacy has always been a big issue with Facebook, and controlling apps is a good way to make people feel more comfortable.

Lauren Hockenson 10:14:05 am

Fun Fact: Zuckerberg loves Lana Del Ray.

Lauren Hockenson 10:13:38 am

Users will now be able to change the information they provide to apps, line by line.

Lauren Hockenson 10:12:47 am

Log In With Facebook worries people: “We know some people are scared with pressing this blue button”

Lauren Hockenson 10:11:49 am

Another theme for today: “It’s really important that in every single thing we do, we should always put people first”

Biz Carson 10:11:14 am

Lauren Hockenson 10:10:18 am

Zuckerberg: “We want to make sure that all the apps we wrote two years ago keep working.”

Lauren Hockenson 10:09:50 am

To keep that promise, Facebook is offering a 2-year core API stability guarantee.

Lauren Hockenson 10:08:57 am

Now it’s “Move Fast with Stable Infra” — not as sexy, but safer.

Lauren Hockenson 10:08:47 am

Is Facebook finally abandoning “Move Fast and Break Things”? Zuckerberg has says the strategy been a slow process.

Lauren Hockenson 10:08:03 am

Facebook handles 470B API calls today on its own platform

Biz Carson 10:07:40 am

Lauren Hockenson 10:06:19 am

“As developers, of course we want tools that work across all these different platforms. It’s annoying to build the same thing three, four, five times.”

Lauren Hockenson 10:06:00 am

Zuckerberg: “The mobile ecosystem is so siloed” citing Facebook, Android, Windows, and the Web.

Biz Carson 10:05:02 am

Lauren Hockenson 10:04:53 am

Facebook has driven 1+ billion app downloads and $3 billion in mobile payments.

Lauren Hockenson 10:03:42 am

Zuck: “This is going to be different.”

Lauren Hockenson 10:03:20 am

Zuckerberg takes the stage and away we go!

Lauren Hockenson 10:03:04 am

Nearly every seat is filled in the hall, and the lights are dim. The keynote should start very soon.

Lauren Hockenson 9:58:59 am

The big news swirling around blogs is that Facebook will debut its mobile ad network today. 

Biz Carson 9:58:53 am

Biz Carson 9:58:40 am

Lauren Hockenson 9:57:17 am

Less than 5 minutes remaining. Rumor has it that this F8 will be focusing on dev tools and mobile — a departure from 2011’s consumer products.

Lauren Hockenson 9:54:23 am

Finally in the keynote hall! Getting packed.

Lauren Hockenson 9:40:20 am

Headed to the keynote hall!

Lauren Hockenson 9:40:10 am

Lauren Hockenson 9:35:23 am

The scene is buzzing with developers, especially around the showroom space where Facebook has set up different demo areas.

Lauren Hockenson 9:31:23 am

T-minus 30 minutes until F8’s keynote! Developers continue to pour in.

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