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Chrome Show: This is the Asus Chromebook C200

We’ve seen teases of the first Asus Chromeboook(s goog) but now there’s an official-looking spec sheet. There aren’t too many surprises here although two that impress us are support for 802.11ac Wi-Fi and an expected 10 hours of battery life. Asus claims this Chromebook has the largest trackpad available, so we’ll see.

Also on this week’s podcast is discussion on a smart storage strategy: Chromebooks don’t come with a ton of local space and Chrome OS could delete files on you if you’re not careful. Plus we take a peek at a great WebGL demo that puts a 3-D graphical shooter in your browser without a plug-in.

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Hosts: Janko Roettgers and Kevin C. Tofel

This is the Asus Chromebook C200

Acer is going with a Core i3 in a new Chromebook this summer: the mid-range we wanted?

Dead Trigger 2 in a browser with no plug-ins thanks to Unity’s new demo of WebGL

You can ‘cast a presentation from Google Drive to a Chomecast now.

Is the Dell really the “best” Chromebook? Consumer Reports has it at no. 3

Do you have a smart storage strategy on your Chromebook?

HP is making a 14-inch Full HD Android laptop but it doesn’t affect Google’s Chrome strategy

Uh oh: Samsung’s Chromebook 2 delayed until end of May

App / Extension of the week: Sunrise Calendar

2 Responses to “Chrome Show: This is the Asus Chromebook C200”

  1. Bob Carroll

    Do you a link to the mentioned reddit ASUS C200 spec sheet ?? Chrome Hub ??

    Passmark CPU score for the newly announced Acer i3 Chromebook (Haswell i3-4005U) is 2338. The score for the Acer C720p and Dell Chromebook 11′s Celeron 2955U is 1549. So, a significant bump in power.

    If reports about the new ASUS C200 are correct, it uses a Celeron N2830 with a much lower Passmark CPU score of 1083. Apparently, ASUS chose extended battery time over power. IMO, that was a bad move but we will see the reviews in early May.