As Facebook phases out messaging from its main app, Facebook Messenger gets a big update

Facebook has released an update for its Facebook Messenger app that includes a full-version bump from 4.0 to 5.0. Available for iOS(s AAPL) and Android(s GOOG), the update doesn’t change the look and feel of the app, but it does add a few nifty features.

Earlier this month, Facebook started warning users that it would start transitioning its messaging service out of the main Facebook app and into the siloed Facebook Messenger app. So it makes sense that now is the right time to give the software a big update.

The main enhancements center around making it easier to send video and photos in messages. Users can now take photos from inside the app, and can also attach videos from the camera roll into messages. Facebook also streamlined the process of sending and receiving stickers, which are pumped-up emojis Facebook hopes to eventually monetize. Finally, the app’s search function was improved and now is a tad faster.

An example of a Facebook Sticker pack.
An example of a Facebook Sticker pack.

The update was pushed out to iOS users on Tuesday and will be rolling out on Google Play Wednesday.