Survey says: we all love to binge on our favorite TV shows

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Still think American TV audiences don’t like to binge? Think again: Seven out of ten U.S. TV viewers consider themselves binge viewers, according to a study released this week by Miner & Co. 63 percent of those binge viewers burn through TV show episodes in one sitting at least once a week, while 17 percent even do so every day.

I know what you’re thinking: who has the time? Well, students for one, as the survey also shows that binge viewers are a lot younger than your traditional TV audience. But we also know that Americans do watch around five hours of TV every day on average, which is a lot of time for a few episodes of your favorite half-hour show.

But even if you wanted to take the number of binge viewers with a grain of salt, it’s still great to get some insights into their thinking. 61 percent of binge viewers think that the ability to binge has made TV more enjoyable, and 20 percent would be willing to pay more if they could burn through an entire season of their favorite show at their own pace, as opposed to having to wait a week until the next episode airs.

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