Amazon launches wearable store: just the first move?

Amazon knows how to move technology gear, and one of the ways it’s been doing it lately has been creating mini-stores within the broader site.  Last year it launched a smart home store, which according to my sources is helping drive significant business for those featured on the site.

The latest focused mini-store is wearable technology, which it debuted today. The store is divided into five segments – smartwatches, fitness trackers, health devices, wearable cameras and kids/pets – and each has a fairly impressive collection of devices.

Not surprisingly, the big names are prominently featured with a whole lot of SKUs – I counted 11 Galaxy Gear variants on the first page of smart watch results alone – but more interesting is the number of smaller brands. In smart watches, there are many of the early entrants like Metawatch, Martian and Cookoo, as well as off-brand products built on Android.

Much like their smart home store could be just their first move into that space, I also think an Amazon built wearable line is also highly likely, in part because I think their strategy for any space is to first do some learning through customer buying behavior.

After all, given how much volume Amazon does in all categories of electronics, they probably know more about buying behavior in each category than the consumer electronics manufacturers themselves.