Acer’s new Chromebook first to use an Intel Core i3 chip


Acer announced a new Chromebook(s goog) in its C720 line on Tuesday at a New York City press event and unlike its other models, this one gets a chip boost. Instead of the fairly common Intel(s intc) Celeron processor found in other Chromebooks from Acer, Dell and HP, Acer is putting an Intel Core i3 processor inside the laptop. Slashgear notes that the new 11.6-inch Chromebook is due out this summer with larger models possibly following. Using the Core i3 should improve performance while not severely impacting battery life.


Bob Carroll

Passmark CPU score for the i3-4005U is 2338. The score for the Acer C720p and Dell Chromebook 11’s Celeron 2955U is 1549. So, a significant bump in power.

If reports about the new ASUS C200 are correct, it uses a Celeron N2830 with a much lower Passmark CPU score of 1083. Apparently, ASUS chose extended battery time over power. IMO, that was a bad move but we will see the reviews in early May.

Is this new Acer i3 Chromebook a touchscreen model? RAM and SSD size are quite important for those of us who plan to use Crouton to also run Linux on a Chromebook.

Shawn Joseph

We need a 1080 IPS panel and a backlit keyboard. Not more CPU power ;(

Aaron Berlin

Do we know if this is still rocking a 720p screen? An i3 seems like a waste at that resolution, given that I haven’t heard any complaints about speed on the intel models generally, especially when they have a full 4GB of RAM.

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