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RadiumOne cans CEO after he pleads guilty to domestic abuse

RadiumOne, an advertising tech provider, fired CEO Gurbaksh Chahal over the weekend following his guilty plea on two misdemeanor counts for domestic violence and battery. Forty-five other, more serious, felony charges, stemming from allegations that Chahal beat and kicked his girlfriend, were dropped. 

In a terse statement issued Sunday, the company said its board voted to terminate Chahal at a meeting Saturday night. Former COO Bill Lonergan was named CEO.

According to reports in re/code, Fortune Magazine and elsewhere, Chahal was arrested in August and charged with hitting and kicking his girlfriend 117 times in a 30-minute timeframe. The assault was allegedly caught on video, but a judge ruled that the tape — probably from a home security system — was inadmissable. After his plea, Chahal was sentenced to three years of probation, mandatory participation in a domestic violence program and community service.

That Chahal got no jail time infuriated many observers who were already incensed that RadiumOne had not suspended or fired him before now. The District Attorney’s decision to reduce the scope of the charges reportedly came in response to the victim’s refusal to testify.

Chahal, who was also chairman and is a big investor in the company, took to Twitter and his personal blog to tell his own side of the story. In his version of events, he was angry that she had unprotected sex with others for money but denies that he beat or kicked her 117 times. It is an interesting read.

According to Crunchbase, RadiumOne has about $33.5 million in funding from Trinity Ventures, Adams Street Partners, and Crosslink Capital and Chahal himself — which is probably one reason the company took so long to move.



3 Responses to “RadiumOne cans CEO after he pleads guilty to domestic abuse”

  1. snuggles

    I don’t think this guy understands that when you’re in a hole, you should quit digging. If anything he needs to realize how lucky he is for his defense lawyers getting that video dismissed at trial, otherwise he’d be getting serious jail time.

    I hope his ex sues him. Certainly that’s a defamation lawsuit waiting to happen.

      • snuggles

        It is depressing and infuriating. For an industry that seemingly always has an issue with how they treat women, a story like this pops up and reinforces that negative stereotype. And then to issue a blog “statement” in which he denies his plea bargain and calls the victim a prostitute is doubling down on stupid.

        But the sad thing is that after he does his “punishment”, he’ll be back. The sad thing is that his next venture people will line up to throw money at him despite his “little issue” of treating women as punching bags.