Facebook makes the animation library behind Paper open source


When Facebook (s fb) introduced its minimal, news-focused mobile app Paper in February — the first product out of the social network’s Creative Labs — one of its standout features was the smooth, card-based animations that accompanied every swipe. The company plans to announce today that the animation engine behind Paper, Pop, will be available to developers as an open source tool.

“With Pop, we are able to keep the familiar and powerful programming model of Core Animation while also capturing a gesture’s velocity and better reflecting user intent,” said Kimon Tsinteris, Facebook engineer and original founder of Push Pop Press before it was acquired in 2011, said in a blog post. “Paper has given us the opportunity to further refine both that vision and the animation engine behind it.”

The announcement comes in advance of Facebook’s developer conference, F8, to be held on Wednesday in San Francisco. A representative for Facebook told me that this conference would be much more mobile-focused than in the past, offering tools to help developers bring their apps to Facebook’s smartphone experience. Pop joins Facebook’s other available open source libraries, including shimmering effects generator Shimmer and Android (s goog) build system Buck.


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